December 2, 2023

What’s Hot in the Hospitality Industry

The food services portion of the hospitality industry remains the segment that takes home the majority of the consumer’s dollars. The increased number of times that the average family eats out, takes out or has delivery in any given week has hospitality industrypushed these figures higher and higher over the last few years.

The 9/11 attacks on the US has also taken its toll on the travel and tourism statistics, although these are rebounding now. While the terrorist threat kept visitors away, it did not keep the US citizen at home. Therefore, the food services portion of the hospitality industry did not suffer losses at the rate experienced by other sectors.

Hospitality Industry Growth Areas

Golf and spa resorts have seen a boost in their demand for quality food service providers in recent years. The awareness of the average consumer in relation to what is healthy for their body has become a trend that is healthy for the population and presents a challenge for the hospitality industry. Food service providers are most heavily taxed; faced with constantly exploring ways to prepare foods that are appealing as well as healthy and acceptable to a variety of dietary restrictions.

A relatively new trend in the hospitality industry is again found in the food services sector. Executive families are finding that they are able to have a professional chef prepare their meals for a fee that is comparable to the astronomical prices that they have been paying for nutritious and top quality prepared foods. Mobile chef operations have blossomed all over US.

As you can see, the most stable, growing and innovative of the hospitality industry venues is and is likely to remain the food services sector.