June 9, 2023

Culinary Arts – What Does it Mean?

culinary artsThe term culinary arts refers to giving concentrated effort toward the process of cooking in order to produce the most pleasing outcome. In other words, the attitude by which most meals are prepared, in a half-hazard, get-it-done-quick sort of manner, can not be considered to be culinary arts.

However, any time food is prepared with care and attention to nutrition, taste and appearance, it can be considered use of the culinary arts. Study of the culinary arts is done for many purposes and to many degrees. Cooking classes are given at any number of institutions and associations for the pleasure, entertainment and enhancement of the cook. These classes are often specific and short term.

More in-depth study covers a wider range of understanding of cooking, its history, the influences of culture and the production of numerous types of dishes. This type of course is usually to prepare the student for a career in the culinary arts.

Who does it?

By definition, both the mother preparing a nutritious and tasty meal in the family kitchen and the pastry chef crafting an elaborate wedding cake are participating in the culinary arts. However, it is most commonly thought to be the professional execution of cookery that qualifies as practicing the culinary arts. In that narrowing of focus, the range of education and experience represented it still vast.

culinary artsOne can be a fast order cook working at a drive through restaurant, or a stir fry cook selecting the ingredients for optimum flavor and appearance with the greatest of care. Institutional cooks working in cafeterias and hospitals practice the culinary arts to produce a vast quantity of food with minimal variety. Spa chefs specialize in preparation of food that serves a variety of dietary restrictions while maintaining a pleasant taste and appearance.

Executive chefs in charge of meal preparation of cruise ships seem to be entertainers as much as culinary artists, having the ability to display food to the utmost advantage. Likely, at times we can all be considered to be performing the culinary arts, it is the location and prestige accorded that differentiates us.

culinary arts

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