December 2, 2023

Catering Schools

Search this directory for catering schools, and find the best catering school for you. Enter your zip code below and be sure to request information from as many schools as necessary to make the right decision for you.

As an experienced culinary professional, you take pleasure in the art of schools But if you love to plan and manage events where food is being prepared and served, perhaps you’re ready to take it to the next level – broaden your culinary career and attend your choice of professional catering schools.

Catering schools are designed to prepare students for all facets of catering, including setting up a profitable catering business. You will learn the culinary arts of food preparation, cooking and presentation. You’ll also learn to manage the unique challenges of catering to large crowds, as well as the health and safety guidelines of the business.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to apply the skills and managerial talents you’ve developed through your catering school education. You could open your own restaurant or catering business.

Hotels, resorts and convention centers will be only a few of the businesses seeking culinary professionals with a catering education. You can enter the profession in key positions such as Banquet Chef, Catering Manager, Catering Chef, Catering Coordinator and for a variety of food service organizations.

All catering school courses are taught by trained instructors with years of experience in the food service and hospitality industries.

To learn more about the available options, be sure to check out our featured schools below and elsewhere on this site. Feel free to request information from as many catering schools as it takes to make the right decision for you.